DMI Feature Friday – Libby Switzer

To kick off our series, “Feature Friday”, DMI is featuring freshman student Libby Switzer.  Libby is a native of Gulfport, Mississippi, and is an Entertainment Industry Studies major. She is a member of the classic rock band, DeltaRoX, and is also a member of the the Delta State University Tennis Team. We asked Libby a series of questions to get her personal thoughts about her college experience thus far.

Libby Switzer
Libby Switzer
  1. Question: Is college what you expected it to be?

“College is definitely not what I expected it to be.  Within the first couple weeks, so much changed for me.  I’ve learned to be more responsible and keep my room clean without my mom telling me I can’t go out.  Ha!  I recently joined the tennis team which is not something that I was planning on doing when I first arrived a couple months ago.  I have a job with the DMI Mobile Lab: Healing with a Groove program where I get the privilege of teaching middle-high school students about music/songwriting.”

  1. Question: If you could change one thing about college what would it be?

“The only thing I would change about my college experience would be putting more hours in the day.  I really am enjoying college as a whole, my classes are good, I have great friends, I’m playing tennis, I’m making music, I wouldn’t change any of that!  I think I would just like a little more time for a 30-minute nap here and there.”

  1. Question: What is your favorite thing about DSU?

“My favorite thing about Delta State is how small and sort of tight knit the community is. Everything feels very somewhat simple and laid out for me right now, which will more than likely change, but it’s good for now. “

We are so proud to have students like Libby as a part of the Delta Music Institute. Libby hopes to become a successful songwriter and start touring either with a cover band or performing her original music. She has already started thinking ahead of how she can give back to her hometown. “After all the fun is over, I wouldn’t mind moving back down to Gulfport and start a program teaching young people a base of what I am learning in the DMI.  I think it is important for kids to know that this is an option for their future!”

Well played, Libby:)



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