Feature Friday: Laeitta “Eittabug” Wade

This week’s Feature Friday throws Laeitta “Eittabug” Wade in front of the camera (instead of her normal place behind it).  Laeitta is a DMI Graduate and the owner of Eittabug Productions.

In the DMI 101 class, Laeitta began learning the basics of iMovie and realized, “Oh, I really like this.”  She began doing more video work at home and at church.  While training in the audio engineering track at DMI, Laeitta explored videography further and was constantly enlisted by instructor Tricia Walker to film promos, live events, and even music videos.  Through DMI connections and GRAMMY U events, she began meeting more people and gained more exposure.  “It exposed me to a lot of things I didn’t know existed, which exposed me to myself more… Who I am, and what I want to do: to use all the skills I’ve learned here at DMI to tell a story using songwriting, audio engineering, and videography.”

After graduation, Laeitta “took a leap of faith” and decided to try out her business plan.  After a couple of years, business for Eittabug Productions is picking up, getting more clientele and larger and larger clients.  “Sometimes, it’s still a surprise that it worked out… I’m just a girl from Mississippi, I didn’t think anyone would trust me with a camera.  It’s good to know that people believe in and support you… After a couple of documentaries and short films, I know I’m definitely on the right path to building something new down here.”

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