It All Begins With a Song

To quote the motto of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI): “It all begins with a song.”

Think about it.  Would we even have bands, artists, producers, engineers and more if songwriters didn’t exist?  What would they sing, play, produce and record?

Thankfully, we have a huge number of gifted songwriters in the DMI.  Our musicians and engineers and music business students–who are sometimes writers themselves–will never run out of great material to play, produce, and promote.

Last night (Tuesday, March 22nd), we were able to hear almost thirty great songs by eight talented songwriters. The evening consisted of two “rounds” (which was actually more like a line/slight semi-circle).  In both rounds, each songwriter took three or four turns to sing their original songs.

Many thanks to Mississippi Grounds for graciously hosting our second DMI Songwriters Night.  We look forward to more great songs at these events in the future!


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