Feature Friday: Laeitta “Eittabug” Wade

This week’s Feature Friday throws Laeitta “Eittabug” Wade in front of the camera (instead of her normal place behind it).  Laeitta is a DMI Graduate and the owner of Eittabug Productions.

In the DMI 101 class, Laeitta began learning the basics of iMovie and realized, “Oh, I really like this.”  She began doing more video work at home and at church.  While training in the audio engineering track at DMI, Laeitta explored videography further and was constantly enlisted by instructor Tricia Walker to film promos, live events, and even music videos.  Through DMI connections and GRAMMY U events, she began meeting more people and gained more exposure.  “It exposed me to a lot of things I didn’t know existed, which exposed me to myself more… Who I am, and what I want to do: to use all the skills I’ve learned here at DMI to tell a story using songwriting, audio engineering, and videography.”

After graduation, Laeitta “took a leap of faith” and decided to try out her business plan.  After a couple of years, business for Eittabug Productions is picking up, getting more clientele and larger and larger clients.  “Sometimes, it’s still a surprise that it worked out… I’m just a girl from Mississippi, I didn’t think anyone would trust me with a camera.  It’s good to know that people believe in and support you… After a couple of documentaries and short films, I know I’m definitely on the right path to building something new down here.”

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Feature Friday: Zach Dickerson

In this week’s Feature Friday, Zach Dickerson—DMI Junior and guitar-legend-in-the-making—talks about his first experiences with music, the bands he performs with, and his favorite gigs.

Zach first picked up the guitar at age 9, but quit after a few lessons.  “I was too worried about baseball…all that stuff,” he says.  He picked it up again at age 14, when he started playing rhythm guitar with his dad’s Christian rock band.  From then on, he’s expanded his skills and learned how to play lead for a wide array of genres.

Pig Pickin’ and More

As always, DMI students and faculty have been on the move these past couple of weeks.  The 31st annual Pig Pickin’ celebration took place the last full weekend of September, resulting in three days of music in a row.

Thursday, September 22nd was the fourth Levitt AMP Cleveland concert of this series, featuring two bands made up of current/former DMI students (Scott’s House and The Tallahatchies) and national act Future Thieves.  It was a great night of alt and indie rock!

Future Thieves at Levitt AMP Cleveland Music Series (9/22)
Future Thieves at Levitt AMP Cleveland Music Series (9/22)

The next night, the stage, lights, and sound were set up at Statesmen Park for a little pre-Pig Pickin’ music (provided, once again, by current/former DMI Student bands) on Friday.  Long Time Coming, Soul & Parliament, and Seasick Harbor shared their own respective genres: bluegrass/country, blues/R&B/Soul, and southern hard rock with a twist.

Saturday, DMI provided entertainment again.  The three DMI bands played—Delta Rox, Ol’ Skool Revue, and B4Y2K—plus President LaForge and his Cabinet, a band made up of DMI and the Department of Music faculty and students.

We are now halfway through the Levitt AMP Cleveland Music Series!  Thanks to the hard work of our students and faculty, these past five weeks have been a whirlwind of great music.  If you haven’t been to a concert yet, it’s not too late! TONIGHT (October 3rd) Levitt AMP Cleveland—in association with the International Conference on the Blues—presents the GRAMMY-nominated Cedric Burnside Project.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Bluegrass Band at Levitt AMP Cleveland Music Series (9/27)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Bluegrass Band at Levitt AMP Cleveland Music Series (9/27)

Don’t miss seeing the Cedric Burnside Project and the rest of the International Conference on the Blues!  It will be another excited week at the Delta State and the DMI!

For a schedule of upcoming Levitt AMP Cleveland Music Series concerts, visit: http://concerts.levittamp.org/cleveland

For more information about the International Conference on the Blues, visit: http://www.deltastate.edu/president/international-blues-conference/